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Safety is the hallmark of our business and one of our highest company values. We believe that no job is worth risking the health of a person or our community's natural resources, and this is a major driving factor behind our operational approach. CSF policies and procedures, down to our motto, reflect just how seriously we take the issue: "safely, or not at all." Because we believe that safe job management results in careful, quality workmanship and therefore creates value for our clients, we are constantly striving to evaluate and improve our safety performance. With this in mind, our company has taken careful steps to be in strict compliance with state and federal standards:

  1. Cal-OSHA regulation compliant,
  2. Full-time Safety Director on staff,
  3. ABC Passport (Oilfield Hazard Awareness),
  4. Individualized project analysis for potential safety hazards,
  5. Department of Transportation drug screening,
  6. Accident investigation policy,
  7. Daily safety meetings,
  8. Weekly safety audits,
  9. Annual foreman evaluations based on safety standard compliance,
  10. Job Safety Awareness (JSA),
  11. Periodic staff safety training,
  12. New hire safety training.


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